Monday, June 26, 2006

I understand that he is sick and has cancer. I understand that he has his frustrations too. Like I have said time and time again, he brought all this to himself. Not to mention that bitch that is more or one of the causes of why my brain raptured. So his being sick, I am not suprised. I cannot tolerate how he treats the "new" nurses. For heavens sake they are NEW and do not know how to handle you yet. Give them time and they will adjust. Just so that I don't get upset with him, I leave the room. I just pass by his room for "respect's sake" and leave right after. I was just as frustrated as he was when I was starting out being half paralayzed and all. I let my nurses handle me. Yes, I had my mood swings too but I did not make my nurses feel like they were picked from the bottom of the food chain. The poor nurse/midwife came running to my yaya asking how to handle him. My ever faithful yaya, told me what he told this "new" nurse. See, she is just a "reliever" as they are called. His REAL nurse will come in soon. I almost blew up this noon too because of him. Again, it's a good thing I stay upstairs and he stays downstairs.

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