Monday, May 01, 2006


Sunday morning, I picked up my Pappy from the hospital since he was being discharged already. I went to pay the bill. He was all ready in his Stanford robe (haha) being assisted by Fred, his dakilang alalay . Since my dad was home and recuperating, Luis and I just went to mass. I get home and started preparing for dinner. My Tita Lou, my dad's sister, called asking if my dad wanted French Onion Soup. I asked the yaya to go up to him and ask. She said that he was in the bathroom. Tita Lou calls again and same the yaya says the same. I asked her to knock on the bathroom door and take a peek and ask my dad. She refused, saying that my dad could be naked. Furious, I went up myself... I found my dad sprawled naked on the bathroom floor face down. I was holding the phone on one hand and screamed. I told my tita what happened and called for the maids. My scream must have woken up my dad. Thank God, Jun, the driver was still at home. Jun helped pick up my dad and let him lay down. My dad didn't know what happened. All he remembers was that he was feeling dizzy and wanted to get out of the shower. He must have lost consciousness and slipped getting out of the tub and fell to the floor.
It was dinner time and again, just getting out of bed, my dad slipped and couldn't get up anymore. He passed out again. This time, I tried to use my paralyzed hand to help him get up. He didn't remember this. All 6 maids and I were trying to get him up. Since was not yet dressed since his first fall, I got his undergarments and just helped him get dressed. He was spoonfed but didn't feel like eating. After 3 or 4 sips of his soup, he called the ambulance. I said, Yes! It would be best to call the ambulance because if anything happens again that night, none of us could have gotten him out. So, what happened last Wednesday, his first confinement was the exact same thing. The paramedics got to the house quickly. They were very efficient. I rode in the ambulance with my dad. Funny, I said, it's usually me in the ambulance in a stretcher from all the falls I have garned from riding.
After 4 to 5 hours of checking in and E.R. procedures, my dad was finally settled. I knew my BP was up, I could feel it. True enough it was 140/110. That is very high for me already. This is what happens when I get stressed. My mom is home now. I stayed with my dad in the hospital the whole afternoon til my mom came to visit him with his dinner. Haaay.
In all this, if it weren't for my Tita Lou's call and my going into the bathroom, my dad would't have made it. Hypoglycemic shock if there is such a term. Mama, you probably told tita Lou to call.

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