Friday, April 28, 2006


Everyone knows that I sleep very late. Wednesday early morn, my mom checks up on Luis and I as she claims to have a client she has to tend to. She goes on her Abacus system and punches keys and makes last minute bookings for her clients. Then, I doze off and the next thing I know, a yaya is knocking on my door saying that my dad will be brought to the hospital. A second later, I see my mom dressed in jeans saying that my dad couldn't get up from bed. She had to call an ambulance or the paramedics to bring him down the stairs and to the hospital. I didn't have my glasses on, all I saw was my dad in a stretcher waving bye bye to me. They told me to go back to sleep and to tell the drivers, who were coming in later on, to pick up my mom from the hospital later on. Diagnosis: Anemia and Mild Pneumonia. He needed blood transfusion therefore, text and phone brigade for donors of blood.

Luis had his usual Wednesday activities lined up for him. Art Class and Soccer in the afternoon. After soccer, Luis and I went to the hospital and visited my Pappy. I could sense that there was something wrong with my mom. She is just probably tired and sleepy since she was up and about since 3 a.m. is what I thought. After a few minutes, we were headed home. In the car she tells me that someone showed up. Oh boy could I feel my blood boil. What a bitch! The nerve! Oh well, I wanted to tell my mom to go ahead with the planned trip to Macau for her birthday, which she eventually did. At the same time, I wished she would stay just in case the bitch shows up again. You know to "prove" that she has the lawful right to stand by her husband. At home I was informed by the other maids that someone has been calling but not leaving her name. Even the manner in which she would answer the maids where truly a trademark I have come to know through the past years. The NERVE!!!! What the F*&% does she want?

Mixed emotions on my part. Yes, I feel sorry for my dad of having all these sickness and seeing him wince in pain every now and then. We all serve him with care and all. Being confined again too. On the other hand, I can also say "Serves you right!". He brought upon all this on himself. Today when I called my dad just to check up on him, I noticed the "security check" his aide had to do before handing the phone to my dad. Funny! Funny! Luis and I couldnt visit him because we both has a cough and cold. I could tell that he was bored because he kept calling here. He feels much better now. The blood transfusion did him good.


My neighbor and I were having merienda in Polo and we were sharing about our "LITTLE FINDS". Mine is a instant 3-in-1 coffee mix that my friend, Eric swears by. It is his daily "2 cups a day" coffee high. His sister sends packs of it from Vietnam. Becoming intrigued by it, I wanted to taste it for myself. Fortunately, my mom's sister was heading to Vietnam too and I asked her to get some packs for me. It arrived much sooner than expected. Here is the link - click here

Since I have limited supply and will not know when I'll ever get the next one, I treat the coffee like royalty, only on special cravings! Hahaha. I give to those who I know will appreciate the taste of coffee.

My neighbor then sends me a pack of her "little find" too. I had one cup this evening and it was GOOD!!!!!!!! I did my own research on it as well... click here

Instant Hand-Pull Milk Tea. This is the first time I learn about Hand-Pull and what it means. click here an Essay by George Orwell too.

...A NICE CUP OF TEA... click here

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