Monday, April 03, 2006

Now I understand why I was craving for all those yummy stuff I previously posted. GEORGE was coming to town! Suprisingly so. The last time George visited was 28 days ago which makes it an ideal cycle. Haven't that in years. Hahaha. According to my good ole Gen, it's a good sign and that we pray that it continues.
Luis started his ART CLASS already. He has had 3 sessions. It was hilarious the 2nd time he went. He rode his motorbike with my yaya in the back carrying an umbrella. I have a picture in my MULTIPLY site. Go see. Hahaha.
Tomorrow he goes back to football.
Today at the Annual Horseshow, there was a Capoeira exhibition, and Luis was so in awe. He started talking to the guys and even asked for the website and all! Hay funny I said maybe after his cooking classes he can start Capoeira.
The ANNUAL HORSESHOW was a success in many ways plus the fact that POLO and Los Tamaros collaborated for the whole event. After being a spectator for two days all afternoon, I was TIRED. Check out more pictures and even a video in my MULTIPLY SITE.
Today is also the 40th day of my Mama's passing. We had mass celebrated by Bishop Chito Tagle and dinner after. To our (the cousins) suprise, Louie H. sang during communion. Nice nice. Oh well...back to the daily grind. Until next time...LIFE GOES ON.

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