Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I know that there is something bothering me. In both a good and bad way. I thought it would just go away after the day was gone. But it's the following day and it's still there. It's like I feel just as affected as though the loss was my own, and clearly it wasn't. What do you call that kind of feeling? Someone has to pinch me and make me snap out of it when I succumb to times like this. I know he didn't want to hurt me. I know he had good intentions, as he always had. I pray a lot, for him and his loved ones. This kind of situation is very new to me, so I really wouldn't know how to approach it. Again, I'm thankful that there is someone who keeps my feet on the ground and stay focused. I'm pretty sure he has the same sentiments. Again, only time will tell. There is a reason for everything... I will stumble across it one day. In the meantime, going on with my daily activities of living. We are allowed to have this feeling of uncertainty right?? Of course we are.

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