Tuesday, March 07, 2006


My paternal grandmother passed away last February 23 at 4:25 a.m. I was holding and stroking her hand when she flat-lined. It's been almost four months that my mama (grandmother) was in the ICU of the hospital. At first the doctors said that she wasn't going to make it through the night four months ago. But knowing what a strong woman my mama was, I know she was not going to give up and fight until the end. When "they" started attaching tubes and machines on her, I knew she was not going to last. It pained me to see her in her situation. I know because I too had all those tubes, holes in my throat, devices, machines attached to me after my brain operation. I wouldn't want my mama to go through the same because I know what it felt like. I'm 60 years younger than she is, my body can take it...but at 89, it's painful to see a loved one go through that. So now, my mama is now in heaven, resting peacefully, and like how my cousins and I like to joke, too busy getting to know Lola Ramon (grandfather) again.
Thus, 9 day novena masses, body clock altered, the wake and all. These things really take a toll on one's body. Physically tired. Even my dad, has been so tired and week too. Of course, we all know that he is in remission from his cancer...but still, he needs all the rest he can get. Of course, it brought people closer together, and got to spend time with my cousins, countless stories and memories that will be forever etched in our hearts. In the course of this blog, I will be talking a lot about my Mama. She is a wonderful person and a great inspiration.
After 3 or 4 months, dearest George decides to visit me again. The pain, the pain... "Get me the hot water bottle now!!". I'm literally bedridden when George is in town. I get so weak and dizzy. How long will George be here? Oh well, that's LIFE.
Next week will be my son's final exams. Yikes, I feel that I have neglected him because we have been so pre occupied with the events of the past weeks. Neglected in the sense that, I havent really checked his school work. Not really sitting down with him. But I guess he still comes home with perfect test papers, we still get to do our "bonding" time, and yes, he still sleeps in my bed. In fact my dad has been complaining of why Luis has not been sleeping with them. Luis prefers sleeping with me because one, my room is cooler, two, i get to scratch his back til he sleeps, and three, he gets a massage. Hahaha.
Yes, it's bac to regular programming because its time for me to start cooking our dinners again. Got spoiled during the 9 day wake amd masses where there was food ALL the time...until next time... LIFE GOES ON.

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