Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Let The Sun Shine Through the Window of the Unborn Child

She had the sunshine through her window everyday of her life
She had the chances and the blessings, never had to strive.
And maybe she did go a bit too far
Take a chance, you don't know where you are;
"Another day will come just for me, nothing will happen."
And now she's crying on her pillow, dreaming of a way out
Of this labyrinth of mere sorrow,
Pain puts a fist in her mouth.
And she remembers what she just read:
"Nothing's more expensive then regret",
"Why did I have to forget, I'd regret something would happen."
And now just one thing has come to mind:
The reason why man is so proud and blind,
He's learn to kill what isn't his,
To put "uncomfortable" wombs in bliss;
And the stinging eyes and broken pride
Are all kept deep deep down inside.
She'll have the sunshine though her window everyday of her life,
She have the chances and the blessings
But she will have to strive.
And maybe if she look the other way
Her soul and mind will not be led astray.
Another day will come just for her along with the salvation.
If that one last thing will come to mind
Reconsider that it's too unkind
You know these babes are blessings in disguise
But you can wife them out before our eyes.
Stop the killing of what isn't ours
God's blessed children deserve much too far,
And better then your cruel and selfish plan
Sing with us and make a stand!!
(la, la, la.....)

Come help the sun shine through the window of the unborn child....

(this song was written by Ianne Sison in highschool)

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