Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The BEST thing about College was...not in any particular order

1. Going to school in complete uniform only to change into speedos in an hour.
2. Meeting with the freaks.
3. Cable Car Iced Coffee with Chocolate Syrup dripping down on the side.
4. Cable Car Sisig and Fried Rice.
5. Driving around in my panty blue, momma blue, and yes to millions cars.
6. Swimming laps in Polo with the freaks and secretly ordering Crispy Pata.
7. Watching SNL Mother's Day Special in my house.
8. Sleeping in my house.
9. Going to BF for wall climbing.
10. Hanging out in any freak' house.
11. Watching required movies for film reviews.
12. Making complete fools of ourselves in parking lots
13. Hanging out in the Comm Dept with our equally or if not insane profs...
14. Rushing out of school.
15. Skipping useless subjects for a great morning swim.
..... what else pa ba?? cant think... Did i say college or school? Hahahahaha!!! Laugh TRIP!

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