Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Lunches

Eversince I can remember, Sunday lunches in my lola's house has been immortalized. We are 14 grandchildren on my father's side. 4 great-grandchildren. 6 of the 14 live abroad. 3 of the 4 live abroad too. Most cousin do not come for lunch anymore or only on special occasions. Now, it's only a bunch of us here. It's mostly my titas who are the kids of my lola, my dad, my brother, Luis, and I. Then there are 2 titas, 1 tito, and 1 cousin who live there. Another aunt who lives there too. It's still nice but now I join the adults table which used a to a big no no for us when we were growing up. It's very casual now that I wouldn't be surprised if I we start eating with paper plates and plastic utensils and paper napkins hoarded from daily trips to Starbucks. Having lunch in my lolas house was always a great feast now it has become like daily household menu. Of course I do not mind. It's just the grandeur of it all has been diminished through the years. In fact at one time or another, it was not compulsory anymore. Oh well.

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eric said...

we also used to have weekly family reunions at my paternal grandparents' place. every family would bring a viand; there were times when there would be three pancits for lunch.

all the kids would play in their big front lawn while the dads played majhong and the moms gossiped.